Have you heard?  ~ There is a new SAT test coming to town. You can start practicing for this test for FREE this summer. Using the resources at Khan Academy, you can take diagnostic quizzes, complete full length practice tests, view instructional videos, get feedback on progress, and have access to thousands of practice questions. In addition to being free & accessible anytime, you get personalized practice sessions tailored to your strengths, needs, and level progress. Follow this link: to get started.

The SAT is crucial for applying to colleges/universities everywhere.
It is important to take the SAT at least once, if not 2x’s before you graduate.  Once your junior year, the next your senior year prior to November.

To sign-up to take the SAT use the link below:

**Please note if your child gets Free/Reduced Lunch they are eligible for a fee waiver, if you haven’t applied for your child but they would recieve Free/Reduced Lunch, please do so now to qualify them for the waiver.  They will also need to have at least a 2.0 GPA to receive the waiver.

Practice SAT Test

Kaplan SAT Test Prep Programs- Virtual Seminars & Classes

Princton Review SAT Prep – Virtual & In-Person Courses (Cost $)

Here is a great website filled with SAT Math tutorials that focus on practice tests from the CollegeBoard SAT Guide.  You DO NOT have to buy the book, you can rent it from the library.

Kaplan’s Free Practice Tests & College Application Guides

Wondering if you would do better on the ACT versus the SAT??