Episode 13 – Student Voice

Special Guests: Kristina Dyson, Student member of Chesapeake Region Association of Student Council (CRASC)

Topics: Board Policy for 80,000 students of AACPS


Episode 12 – Fishing Club

Special Guests: Mike O’Donnell (Fishing Club Sponsor) & Bill Forrester (STEM Coordinator)

Topics: Fishing Club, Community Service


Episode 11 – Food at North County

Special Guests: Mike McLaughlin – Cafeteria Manager

Topics: Healthy Eating, Food Programs at NCHS


Episode 10 – PTSA

Special Guests: Kim Frye(PTSA President) & Tyler Greaver(Student)

Topics: PTSA & Early College Access Program


Episode 9 Part 1 – Community Involvement

Special Guest: Meleny Thomas – Director of Rediscovering Me Clubhouse

Topics: Youth Substance abuse and youth development


Episode 9 Part 2 – School Counseling

Special Guest: Chelsea Singer, School Counseling Department Chair

Topics: The importance and usefulness of school counseling to the school population


Special Event: Student Town Hall

Special Guests: Mr. Eric Jefferson, NCHS Principal


Episode 8 – AVID Program & Students Showcase

Part 1 – AVID

Special Guests: Mr. Brian Whitley & Ms. Kellie Goforth (AVID), Louisa Davis (student)

Topics: North County’s fantastic AVID program, preparing for college etc.

Part 2 – Student Showcase


Episode 7 p.1 – Introduction to our new Principal

Special Guests: Mr. Eric Jefferson (NCHS Principal)

Topics: Getting to know our new principal, and catching up with our most senior teacher


Episode 7 p.2 – Changing with the times

Special Guests: Mr. Robert Silkworth (French Teacher & most Senior Faculty Member)

Topics: Catching up with our most senior teacher


Episode 6 – Positive Behavior Intervention Systems (PBIS)

Special Guests: Ms. Alison Scoble (English, PBIS)

Topics: PBIS program


Episode 5 – Teacher of the Year, German Program

Special Guests: Ms. Katrina Griffin (Anne Arundel County Teacher of the Year)

Topics: German Language Program


Episode 4 – Cyber Security & Computer Science

Special Guest: Mr. Serota (Computer Science Teacher, Cyber Security Club Sponsor)

Topics: Cyber Warfare; North County Computer Science Program


Episode 3 – Don’t Hate Collaborate Anti-Bullying

Special Guests: Mr. Foderaro (Health Teacher, Don’t Hate Collaborate Sponsor, Wrestling Coach)

Topics: North County’s Anti-Bullying program.


Episode 2 – North County Football

Special Guest: Head Football Coach Marvin Brown

Topics: North County Football program, community outreach


Episode 1 – Technology & The Job Market

Special Guest: Mr. Ravi Bakhru (Social Studies Department Chair)

Topics: Using Technology to your benefit & The current job market


About The Show

Pass it on is a High School talk show hosted by Andre Quattlebaum AKA Coach “Q” each Thursday. Coach Q will speak with staff and students about relevant issues and bring them into a positive light. We’ll have informative conversation covering highlights and challenges at North County High School.

Introduction from Coach Q


Upcoming Episodes

Episode 14

Special Guests: Morgan Heymann & Tamara Jefferson

Topics: ESL Program & The Upcoming Cultural Day Festival


Episode 15

Special Guests: Georgia Ladd, STEM Lead Teacher

Topics: NCHS STEM program, Community Outreach


Episode 16

North County Student Forum

Topics: Student Discussion about issues at North County High School.

Student Spotlight: Ana Smith (singer/musician)


Episode 17

Special Guests: Zavelle Smack & Kelly Stutzman – School Internship Coordinators

Topics: Information regarding the value of internships for our upper-classmen


Episode 18

Special Guests: Barbara Dziedzic(IT3 Lead Teacher) & Kristen Towers (former NCHS student)

Topics: The IT3 program and its impact on our students and community