North County High School Knight Time

Knight Time is a period of time on Tuesday, Wednesday, & Thursday that allows students a choice in how to spend their time. Whether it be to make-up work, get extra help from a teacher, meet with fellow students to work on group projects, or meet with a club, students are expected to use this time to better themselves and STAND Tall!
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Knight Time Teacher Schedule Fall 2017 [Updated 10-17-17]

Knight Time Academic Support & Club Schedule



2017-2018 Bell Schedule

New Bell Schedule

Our new bell schedule is aligned to accommodate our new Knight Time. Knight Time is 40 minutes long and goes from 8:55AM to 9:35AM (Between 1st period and 2nd period).


Student Schedule

My Knight Time Planning Schedule

Use the weekly schedule to plan which academic supports and clubs you would like to attend.


What Students and Parents Should Know

What Students and Parents Should Know

Important facts about Knight Time that you should review.